• Click and view tree surveys with out interactive tree software
  • Tree management software for most Windows devices
  • View treee survey data at your desk or on-site
  • View tree work orders and tree reports, then print or email them

ArborSite's easy to use interface

ArborSite's user console offers simple interactive treescape management all within one screen. Icons on the site's aerial produce pop-up tree data. View more.

ArborSite's easy to use interface

A wide range of simple tree reports

ArborSite's treescape reports provide managers with live graphical information to view items such as risk, costs, work actions and a range of inventory data. Learn More.

A wide range of simple tree reports


Use ArborSite for 1 to 1,000 trees

Typical ArborSites include:

  • Education facilities.
  • Hotels and resorts.
  • Recreation and playgrounds.
  • Clubs and sporting venues.
  • Hospitals and care facilities.
  • Heritage and memorial sites.
  • Picnic and camping sites.
  • Function and event grounds.
  • Corporate gardens.
  • Domestic gardens or estates.

A wide range of user benefits

ArborSite offers managers of facilities:

  • Hazard and risk ID and management.
  • Assists in meeting legal requirements.
  • Forward budget visiblity.
  • Clear direction on remedial actions.
  • Authored reports for tree funding.
  • A dynamic system for living assets.
  • Builds history of actions.
  • Map trees for retention or development.
  • Examine treescape life expectancy.
  • Masteringplanning for future generations.
  • Simple interactive visual interface.
  • Little IT skills or taining required.
  • No capital cost for purchase.
  • Easy generation of work orders.
  • Clear specifications for quotation.
  • Know your cost and risk status.
  • Ability to confidently manage the complex area of arboriculture without specific skills, training or staff.